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Wednesday 6th January

Good evening, 


I hope you have all survived your first day. I know that I’m well and truly exhausted! 


I will be posting the children’s online learning for each day on Class Dojo and here on our school website. I will post it each evening ready for you to start the next day. The tasks will be on the Class Story page, but if I use any worksheets I will put these on the child’s activity page, for them to complete. It is not quite the same as being in the classroom, but I’m sure the children will try their best and complete the lessons to the best of their ability. For the children who are still attending school each day, they will be doing the same activities with me in class.  


For each day, there will be a lesson for reading, writing, English, maths and topic. I’m aware that this is quite a lot of work but please just do what you can. I wanted to provide you with lots of ideas then you can pick and choose what you would like to do. Some of the English activities may be challenging for your child at this stage of the year and they may need a little help. If something is too difficult, just adapt it for your child. Obviously, at school, the children are all in different ability groups and we adapt work when necessary.  


For some lessons, there will be a website link. This will take you to the Oak National Academy website where there are videos of the lesson and some activities to go with it. Work can be recorded on worksheets if you have access to a printer, or alternatively, you can record their work in a book. I will put some large workbooks in a box in our school reception for you to take at any point if you would like one. I will also leave some letter sheet, which will help the children when they are doing their work. I would love to see any photographs of the work which is competed. You can send this to me via Class Dojo messages. 


Please send me a message if you have any questions. I will try to answer questions as quickly as possible, but I will still be in school teaching and won’t always be available. The best time to get me will be in the evening.

Day 1 – Wednesday 6th January

Watch ‘Alphablocks’ series 1.1
Read the words on the sheet titled ‘Reading - Wednesday 6th January’ (see below). The children need to sound the letters out and blend the word together. They will know how to do this. If they struggle, you can help them sound the  word out.

Practise writing the words on the sheet ‘Writing - Wednesday 6th January’ (see below). If your child is struggling with the whole word, just ask them to write the initial sound.
The children can then write a simple sentence e.g. I can see a cat.

English (The Three Billy Goats Gruff)
In this lesson, the children will be exploring the problem in the Billy Goats Gruff story and the plan to over come it.

During this lesson, the children will count to four and down from four. They will learn how to form the number and match numerals to pictures and concrete objects. Additionally children will begin to touch upon the idea that four is greater than three etc.

Understanding the World (All About Me)
In this lesson, we join Miss Hughes to think about and celebrate the things that we enjoy most. We choose objects that are important to us and talk about why they are our favourite things.

Reading - Wednesday 6th January

Writing - Wednesday 6th January