Ightenhill Primary School

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Wednesday 6th January

Phonics- a daily lesson will be available on ClassDoJo each day. 


English – The Magic Paintbrush - To listen and respond to a story.

In this first lesson of this new unit, we listen to the story 'The Magic Paintbrush' and map out the key points in the story.






Maths – Numbers to 20 - To count from 1 to 19 and match pictorial and abstract representations of these numbers

In this lesson you will link the words in the counting sequence to pictorial and then abstract representations.




Topic – Space– To understand some features of our solar system.

In this set of lessons we blast off into outer space. In this lesson with Miss Hughes, we learn some features of the solar system and have an introduction to the planets. Consolidate your new knowledge by drawing a picture of the planets. Can you think of a rhyme to remember the order of them?