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Week Beginning 20th July

Hi Class 7,

Last week our topic for learning was 'The Rainforest'. Here, we learnt where the rainforests are in the world and how that affects the climate of these places. We also learnt about the different layers of the rainforests and which creatures like to live in which layer. We made paper chain snakes and a model parrot as you can see in the photos below.

If you wish to learn about the rainforests too, or make any of these crafts, then click on the links below.


Last week was also the last week of Year 3! It has been a strange year but I have been proud of the way you have been accessing online learning and I have loved seeing the work you have been completing at home. I hope you have a lovely Summer break and I am REALLY looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 1st September to chat to you before you move up to your next class. I bet you will have all grown so much! laugh


Stay safe, have fun and I will see you all in Year 4! 


Mrs Reynolds  x