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Ightenhill Primary School

"To be the best that we can be"

What Class 4 are doing at home

Can you spot your work?

A Weather Report

Daniela has made a fantastic weather report this week!

Reece has been going on lots of walks, swimming, baking and counting with money! Well done Reece.

Daniela has been very busy this week completing lots of our challenges. Well done Daniela! Keep it up!

What is behind the magical wardrobe?

The life cycle of a butterfly

Daniela, Milan, Beatrix and Ethan have ordered the life cycle of a butterfly.


Milan and Daniela have demonstrated a good understanding of emotions.

What did you do in the holidays?

What could you wear to keep cool in summer?

Logan and Milan have been thinking about how to keep cool this summer. As it gets hotter outside, remember to wear suncream!
Purple Mash

self portrait

Some fantastic self portraits from Daniela, Milan and Logan.

I miss everyone too Milan. I'm sure you cannot                                                              A fantastic wanted poster written by Daniela.

wait to see your friends.

costume designing

Here are some very creative costume designs from Beatrix, Daniela and Milan.

Family Portrait

A fantastic family portrait from Milan and Daniela.

Some of our class have painted some rainbows to show support for the NHS using Purple Mash and they look fantastic!


Completed by: Oliver, Daniela, Milan and Beatrix

Wonderful Writing
Milan and Daniela both wrote a super sentence about the Gingerbread story!

 Beatrix wrote some super sentences using because to explain why   she wants to be a vet. I think she would make a fantastic vet!

Beatrix wrote some super sentences using because to                                         Daniela wrote a fantastic appology letter pretending to

explain why she wants to be a vet. I think she would                                             be Goldilocks. She even included a question in her

make a fantastic vet!                                                                                               writing! 


Daniela has shown she wants to be a nurse and Milan would like to be a teacher. 

What can you see on the farms in spring?

Milan and Daniela have created a super spring farm photo. Milan even included a milk house!

2D shape sort

Super shape work completed by: Oliver, Beatrix, Milan, Daniela and Logan

Materials and their properties

Daniela's science work shows her understanding of materials. She even used because to explain the material properties!