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Class 11

Welcome to Class 11!

Class Teacher - Miss Fatz

Grip and Go!


Year 5 had a fantastic time at Grip and Go on Thursday. The children represented the school fantastically and worked hard to overcome their fears.

Hockey with FUNDA

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Aitken Wood


Year 5 went to Aitken Wood near Barley to complete the Pendle Sculpture Trail. The children had a fantastic time looking for the sculptures and getting a sense of the area surrounding Pendle Hill. The children used maps and key information about the Pendle Witches to navigate the trail. A great time was had by all finding the sculptures, building dens and getting very muddy! 

World Book Day

Hocus Pocus!


As an introduction to our topic about the Pendle Witches, the children have been using paper mâché to create their own witch’s protection  bottles, which they will paint and decorate to hold their protection charms.

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P.E with FUNDA


Throughout this year, the Year 5 children have been visited by Coach Dan, a sports coach from FUNDA, who has been helping the children to develop skills in different sports and help encourage children towards physical activity. During the last half-term, the children have been learning the skills and rules of netball and we finished off by holding a competition, which was won, overall, by the Towneley Park House Team. 

Shuttleworth College 


Shuttleworth College were kind enough to invite all of the Year 5 children to their school to watch their amazing performance of Annie! The show, which involved students from each year group at the college, was greatly enjoyed by the children. The children enjoyed seeing the Headteacher's dog, Jessie, take a starring role and were thrilled by the amazing singing and acting that made the show so spectacular.



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Space Exploration

In beginning our 'Space' topic, the children were learning about the planets in our solar system. They ordered the planets from largest to smallest, then matched them to corresponding fruit (and a peppercorn). The children then used information they were given to order the fruit (and peppercorn) into their distance away from the sun (not to scale).

Maya numbers

Today we have explored the Maya number system and compared it to our own. We enjoyed making and reading different Maya numbers up to 399!

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Maya Cooking

Maya Cooking  1
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Maya Cooking  10
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Maya Cooking  12
Maya Cooking  13
Maya Cooking  14
Maya Cooking  15
Maya Cooking  16
Maya Cooking  17
Maya Cooking  18
Maya Cooking  19
Maya Cooking  20
Maya Cooking  21
Maya Cooking  22
Maya Cooking  23
Maya Cooking  24

We're Going Shopping!

The Year 5 children from Classes 10 and 11 singing their song from our KS2 Christmas performance.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

The Year 5 children performing the traditional Christmas song.

The Olympics 


We worked in teams to research an Olympic host city. Within our teams we then created posters which we presented to the rest of the class. 

Red, White and Blue Day


This year we thought about what it would be like to live in the trenches. After watching historic accounts of trench life, we acted out life in the trenches. We then completed descriptive writing about life in the trenches during the war. 

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The Olympics 


We began to make our own clay Olympic athletes. We are looking forwards finding out about famous Olympic athletes throughout time. 

Our first Funda P.E. lesson

Our first Funda P.E. lesson 1
Our first Funda P.E. lesson 2
Our first Funda P.E. lesson 3
Our first Funda P.E. lesson 4
Our first Funda P.E. lesson 5