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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Class Teacher - Miss Jackson



Learning how to dribble in PE

In computing, the children learned different directions and how to use them when coding. The practised by moving the superhero to the treasure on a treasure map.

Leaf printing

Coding with BeeBots

Observing walking water

What job would you like to have when you are older?

Trying on a nurse's uniform

Drawing a self portrait

Shape sorting

Which will melt the ice the quickest?

To celebrate Red White and Blue day, the children have completed different activities. The children have learned about rationing and they have created a list of party food a solider who was coming back from the war. Additionally, they have created bunting to decorate the classroom with for a street party. Also, Class 4 made banana sandwiches which was a rare treat at the time of the war. They said it was delicious!

Making number bonds to 10

Do these items float or sink?

Performing a fair test

The children discussed and practised how to perform a fair test. They experimented to find which liquid would best clean their dirty pennies. They found out that their predictions were wrong. It was not washing up liquid that cleaned their pennies the best but it was coke and vinegar. 

Learning about our school prayer.

When a nurse came to visit...

Year 1 had a nurses visit where they asked their prepared questions to the nurse. 

Investigating friction

Class 4 investigated friction by testing which car went down the ramps the fastest. They used a different material on each ramp and observed what difference the material made to the speed of the car.

Putting their nursing skills to the test

Class 4 have been learning about the internal and external qualities you need to be a nurse. They practised these qualities today by helping their patient teddies. They also learned what they can do to help themselves if they are injured and when to ask for a grown up.

Finding the incorrect number in a sequence

Welcome to Class 4!

Welcome to Class 4! 1