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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

Class Teacher - Miss Jackson



Finding and identifying plants

Learning about fractions

The children had fun to find 1/2 and 1/4 of numbers using cones and hoops to as a team.

Grotty Grass

Creating arrays in maths

Researching in computing

Performing simple tests 

Ordering multiples

Sequencing the events of 'The Great Fire of London'.

Science - exploring and sorting waterproof and absorbent materials

PSHE Day - Relationships

Today the children explored what it means to be part of a community and who is a part of theirs. We performed role play scenarios where we may need our communities help and also looked at which different communities we are a part of.

Printing a meadow

Finding materials

Experimenting with Place Value

In maths, the children have been experimenting with number. We have been finding different ways to make numbers to 50. The children had to represent a number using their choice of different mathematical equipment.


Today, class 4 practised their photography skills. We learned how to unlock an ipad, and use the photo app to take photographs of their friends. We are still developing the art of focusing... we will learn how to do this in our next lesson.


Shoe Box Habitats

Exploring an Atlas

PSHE Day - Good to be me

Today the children learned about anger, love, loss and friendship. We discussed ways of expressing our emotions and debated whether this was a good or bad thing to do. We made hugs with special messages to our loved ones and posters to explain who you can go to to if you have any worries.

Bar Modelling

Our class assembly

Class 4 presented a fantastic assembly about advent to their grown ups and the whole school.

Picture 1


After experimenting with different materials, Class 4 decided that black card was the best material to make a shadow. We also found ways to make them appear scary.

Children In Need

Children In Need 1
Children In Need 2

What is class 4's favourite season?

In our study unit, each child decided their favourite season and together we made a graph to show this pattern.

We found out summer was the most popular season.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Science: what is a scary shadow?​​​​​​

In science we have started to look at what makes a scary shadow. We have been over to the Fizz Lab to experiment making the biggest, smallest and scariest shadow using a torch in teams

Where do the leaves go in autumn?

We have started our new topic by a hunt for fallen leaves. We have compared the types of leaves by their shapes and colours and discussed t why they are different.

Getting on and falling out

To start off the term, Class 4 have been talking about what makes a good and bad friend. We have made friendship bracelets, roles on the wall and learned how we greet people from other countries. They also had the chance to create their own new greeting.

Read, White and Blue Day