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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3


Class teacher - Mrs Taylor

Hello and welcome to our Class 3 page. We are very excited for the year ahead of us and can’t wait to show off our fantastic work here on our page!

Researching different types of vehicles using the iPads

Printing a meadow

Shoe box habitats for a Meerkat and a Polar Bear

Guess my Number

Testing to find a waterproof material

It's good to be me - PHSE Day

Monday 8th January

Our PHSE theme this term is ‘good to be me’. We started of the day by exploring anger, comparing good ways of responding to anger and bad. We then looked at love and all the different ways it can be shown. The children made their very own ‘cuddles’ who they wrote for people that they love. Class 3 also talked about loss and the different ways we can cope with loss. We ended the day by making our own goals for the day, some children chose to try to become better friends, others wanted to improve their writing. Overall we had a fantastic day and will continue to revisit why its ‘good to be me’ throughout the term.

Christmas Crafts

Science - How can we make a scary shadow?

Study Unit: Where do the leaves go in winter?

Number Bonds to 20 with Coat Hangers

Red, White and Blue Day

Study Unit: How did Rosa Parks help to make the world a better place?

Portraits in the style of Picasso

Our First Week in Year 1