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Curriculum Overview for Design and Technology

Building Bridges - Problem Solving in Year 1

Building Bridges  - Problem Solving in Year 1 1
Building Bridges  - Problem Solving in Year 1 2

Crane Building


As part of a design and technology project, alongside Primary Engineer in Burnley, the Year 4 and Year 5 children have been designing, creating and testing their own cranes. Throughout the project, the children learned about pulleys, gears, levers, counter-balances and structures, before using their new-found understanding to design and make a crane that could raise and lower different objects.


While proving to be a challenge, the children thoroughly enjoyed the project and displayed great teamwork and problem solving skills throughout.

STEM Competition at UTC Lancashire


A number of Year 5 children were selected to represent the school after being invited to attend a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) competition, which was held at UTC Lancashire, in Burnley.


After being shown all of the exciting things that are being done at UTC Lancashire, the children were then challenged to become engineers of their own. They were tasked with designing and educational toy that would be sold a a Christmas market. The children had to discuss their target market, as well as how it would be made and how much it would cost. Once they had designed their product, the group then had to present it to a panel of engineers in a 'Dragon's Den' format.


Despite not winning the competition, the children came up with a brilliant idea, which matched the brief they had been given, and they worked incredibly hard as a team.