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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!

Class Teacher - Mrs Howard


No Write Friday

No Write Friday 1 Using money to solve a problem.
No Write Friday 2 Great teamwork and problem solving skills!
No Write Friday 3 These girls have almost cracked it!
No Write Friday 4 Using number facts to help them.
No Write Friday 5 Sharing ideas on how to solve it.
We were amazing fundraisers for Children In Need.  Lots of children came in their Pyjamas today, and we used the opportunity to find out all about this great Charity.  We then made our very own Pudsey bear headbands. 


In Music, Class 5 have been looking at how to find the beat within a piece of music.  We have learned the song 'In my hands, in my feet, in my heart' and all had a go at putting different percussion instruments with the music to find the beat.  The children had a lot of fun and could all confidently perform the song.


In science, we have been developing our scientific enquiry by looking at shadows.  The children decided they would go outside and see who could make the scariest shadows.  They have also worked out which materials make shadows and asked lots of questions.    The children are going to find out if they can change their shadows over the coming weeks.  It will be exciting to see what they find out!

Dress as a Word - No pen Day

We thoroughly enjoyed our day dressed up as a word and not using pencils!  The children joined in various activities, including: acting out a character description about Captain Hook, building 3D cubes from a net, looking at 2D shapes and choosing which would best make a dinosaur and describing their words for other children to guess.  We had a lot of smiling faces throughout the entire day!

Red, White and Blue day.

Red, White and Blue day. 1 The children loved wearing red, white and blue.
Red, White and Blue day. 2
Red, White and Blue day. 3
Red, White and Blue day. 4
Red, White and Blue day. 5
Red, White and Blue day. 6
Red, White and Blue day. 7
Today was a day where we celebrated women participating in the forces for a century.  The children learned about how members of the forces get shoe boxes filled with things that make their stay away from home more comfortable.  We decided, we would fill our shoe box with our happiest memories with our families.  The children drew lots of wonderful memories to put inside our shoe box.  I loved hearing all of your happy children's stories; they definitely put a smile on my face!
This week in Maths, Class 5 have had a number challenge.  The children were given four numbers and had to make as many calculations (addition and subtraction) as they could.  They could only use each number once.  They all did great and were very determined!

Experimenting with emotions.

Experimenting with emotions. 1
Experimenting with emotions. 2
Experimenting with emotions. 3
Experimenting with emotions. 4
Experimenting with emotions. 5
Experimenting with emotions. 6
The children have really settled in our first week.  In RE the children were exploring different emotions and as you can see by the photographs, they really enjoyed it!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
In our afternoons so far, we have created portraits for a corridor display.  Together, we have learnt how to position facial features and explored water colour paint.  I definitely have a very artistic class and we had a lot of fun being creative.