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Ightenhill Primary School

"To be the best that we can be"


Year 1- Meadow printing


Year 1 have been investigating different mediums to practice their printing skills and have created these colourful meadow paintings.  

Year 2- Printing


Here, Year 2 have been using the ends of their pencils to carefully practice their printing skills.

Year 3 and 4– African Art


Year 4 explored African landscape pictures. They used chalk pastels, blending them together to create their very own African scene.

Year 4- Plastic collages


Year 4 have been learning about plastic pollution and how it affects sea life and other living creatures. They have created a collaborative collage piece using unwanted pieces of plastic packaging to create this underwater scene.

Year 5 and 6 – Faith Ringgold


Year 5 and 6 have been studying the famous artist and writer Faith Ringgold. She is well-known for introducing her own form of art such as: soft sculpture, masks and story quilts. The children were inspired by her art work and have had a go at creating their own story quilts.

Year 6 – Homeless Art

What can you do at home?


Here are some ideas for arty activities that you could do at home.

Here is some information on world famous artists and their artwork. Learn about these artists and have a go at some of their artwork yourself!