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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Class Teacher - Miss Jackson



World Book Day

Our year group assembly about World Book Day

Our year group assembly about World Book Day 1

Using sliders to make pictures move

We have started our new DT topic for this half term, which is mechanisms. The children have been introduced to the term pivot and learned how we can make things rotate using a split pin.  They created little person with moving limbs.

Observing plants closely

Class 4 have started their new science topic where they are learning about plants. The class have been walking around school looking and comparing different flowers. They have been spotting the similarities and differences between flowers. Then class 4 picked their favourite flower to draw and label.

Matching arrays to repeated addition

Following an algorithm

Class 4 had the challenge to follow this algorithm:

Step 1) Paint the beak yellow

Step 2) Paint the head red

Step 3) Paint the tummy dark green

Step 4) Paint the wing dark blue

Step 5) Paint the tail orange

Step 6) Paint the legs yellow

Following Compass Directions

Making shadow puppets

Creating and following instructions

In computing, we have been introducing the term algorithms. Today the children were given a drawing. They had to give instructions to their partner to help them recreate this drawing without their partner being able to see it. Partner 1 had to learn how to give clear instructions and partner 2 had to listen carefully and follow the instructions given.

KS1 music concert

Is this material waterproof or absorbent?

Which objects will float and which objects will sink?

Making Pictograms

In computing, the class have been making their own pictograms. They came up with a question and then went around the class to gather data. They then transferred this into a pictogram.

Printing with 3D shapes

The class have been learning about 3D shape and their different properties. Class 4 printed with 3D shape today to see what different faces each 3D shape had.

Ordering the seasons

Year 1 have been on a school trip to visit Queens Street Mill where they experienced a ‘Victorian Christmas’. The children had lots of different Christmas activities to do including creating and staring in a small show production. They performed with great confidence. Class 4 also got to play Victorians games (such as Kim’s game) and make Victorian Christmas crafts. We even got a surprise visit from Father Christmas!

In PE, we have had a visitor from Burnley College who has been teaching the children how to roll a ball. They have been taught the correct technique for rolling and played lots of different games.

Money, Money, Money!

The children have been playing a game today called ‘Money, Money, Money’ where they have had to take turns making amounts of money. They have enjoyed working in groups and they are becoming brilliant mathematicians!

100% attendance

100% attendance 1

Well done to the children in Class 4 who came to school every day last half term. What amazing attendance!

An author came to visit!

An author came to visit! 1

The school has had a visitor! Today, the author Sarah Roberts came in to talk about her fantastic book 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley'. Her book tells the story of a plastic bag called Stanley and how he travels through the ocean. Along the way, lots of different animals swallow Stanley because they think he is a jellyfish. The story illustrates the importance of reducing the plastic waste put into the ocean. The children loved the story and learned a lot that they can use in their topic lessons. 


Happy Halloween!

Is all rubbish rubbish?

Class 4 have just started our new topic 'Where does our rubbish go?'. Our geography topic explores what happens to our rubbish after it goes into the bin. To start our topic, the children looked at some rubbish. They discovered that not everything in the bin needed to be thrown away. It was a waste! The children sorted the rubbish into two piles of things that could be used again and rubbish for the bin. 

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite colour? 1

We have had a visit from the police in KS1. The police came to talk to the children about their job and how they can help people. They even brought their car! 

Today the children have been on an autumn hunt. They have been searching for signs of autumn and they found many things! Autumn is definitely here!

Today, the school celebrated Red White and Blue day. The children learned about the importance of D day and the history of the event. In the afternoon, Class 4 made sandwiches that were made at the time of the war due to rationing. 

Learning how to use Purple Mash

Learning how to use Purple Mash 1

Class 4 have been learning how to type on a keyboard and insert pictures into a piece of text. This is an example of a child's work. 

Ordering lengths

Measuring height with non-standard measures

What is the weather like in autumn?

Class 4 have been learning about autumn and how the weather changes. Today, the children pretended to be weather presenters and predicted the weather in autumn by using their knowledge of the season.

Our happy class!

Our happy class! 1

Class 4 have had a wonderful start to year 1 and have settled in nicely. 

Welcome to our page!

This is the page for Class 4 in year 1. On this page I will share some of the things your child will be learning in school.