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Class 7

Welcome to Class 7

Class Teacher - Mrs Howard



Hello, I am Mrs Howard and I will be teaching your child this academic year.  I am looking forward to providing many exciting learning experiences for your child this first busy half term. Please don't hesitate to come and say hello and ask any questions that come to mind.  I look forward to meeting you all later in the year at parent's evening.



Making Cushions


The children in class 7 followed instructions to make a pumpkin lantern.  They had to be self managers and work independently.  Many found this tricky but they showed great resilience.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

How does light travel?

How does light travel? 1
How does light travel? 2

Red, White and Blue Day

Red, White and Blue Day 1 We thought about how troops would feel.
Red, White and Blue Day 2 We listened to the sounds they would have heard.
Red, White and Blue Day 3 We made spitfire planes.
Red, White and Blue Day 4 We tried to fly the planes.


Hinduism 1
Hinduism 2
Hinduism 3
Hinduism 4
The children had a visitor from the Faith Centre to teach them some interesting facts about Hinduism.  They were able to look at different example of clothing, learn some dancing and have a pretend Shyama Tara if they wanted to.  They loved the experience and had lots of interesting questions.
They then learned about Raksha bandhan and made some bracelets. 


Maths 1 We have been plotting numbers on number lines.
Maths 2 We have been making numbers in different ways.
Maths 3 We have been matching numbers and pictures.

Role play in Literacy

Role play in Literacy 1
Role play in Literacy 2
Role play in Literacy 3
In English, the children have role played an event in our story 'Henry's freedom box' so that they could put themselves in the character's shoes.  This activity created lots of emotive description from the children and their writing pieces were excellent.

Science experiment

Science experiment 1 The boy's Kaleidoscope reflected the glitter well!
Science experiment 2 The boy's proved their predictions were correct!
Science experiment 3 The girl's agreed shiny materials reflect the best