Ightenhill Primary School

To be the best that we can be.

What are we doing in school?

Presenting Data

In  year 4, the children have been gathering, handling and presenting data in different ways on Purple Mash.


In computing, year 2 have been making algorithms in coding. The children learnt about the timer button and how we can use this to sequence events.


Basic Coding

The children had to design a background and choose characters to create a scene. The children then had to create a simple code to get their characters to move on the screen. 

Identifying cells

Class 8 have been learning how to use the cells on a spreadsheet. They have been identifying cells based on their row and column address. Their first activity was to create a tree following table of instructions at the side. In the next lesson the children had to colour cells in to make a picture and their friends had to write down the row and column address of the cells. 

Presenting data

Class 5 have been learning how to use excel. They have collected their own data about their friends favourite animals and have been able to translate their data into bar graphs. 

Sending Emails

Year 2 have been learning how to send emails, a key life skill. They have been practising their typing on a keyboard and they had a lot of fun messaging their friends.