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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5

Class Teacher - Mrs Wilkinson



Jolly Roger Flags


This week we have worked on our printing skills. The children have enjoyed creating their own spooky versions of the Jolly Roger.



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Today we learnt how paper was made and we also looked at how paper is recycled. We used some already used paper and recycled it ourselves.

Recycling Plastic

Today we used the plastic bags we have collected and turned them into skipping ropes to play with. We had lots of fun and were happy that the plastic bags would not end up in landfill or the ocean.

Safety Seymour

Safety Seymour came to school to help us all learn about carbon monoxide. All the children loved taking part in the activities and got to take home a carbon monoxide alarm for their home.

Fire Safety

We had lots of fun learning how to get out of a house safely if there was a fire. The firefighters also explained what a smoke alarm was for and how we could check that they were working in our houses. 
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We have explored how colour is made in our science lessons. The children enjoyed making a colour wheel and discussing what happens to the colours. 

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Police Visit 


Today we had a visit from the police. The children got to ask questions about their job and find out about how the police help the community. 

Place Value

Place Value  1
Place Value  2
Place Value  3
Place Value  4
Place Value  5
Place Value  6