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Year 6 is 'Electric!'

What Symbol Am I?


Year 6 are learning about 'Electricity' this term.  Today, we have been learning about different electrical components and how to draw them within circuits.  Well done Year 6!

Year 2 Are Exploring Habitats




Take a look at some of the fun activities we have been taking part in during our science lessons.  

Our Future Scientists...


During science, we read ‘Mr Archimedes Bath’. The children were then asked to explain what happened when the animals went in the bath and to suggest why the water spilled out of the bath. We got a bath and some animals and demonstrated what had happened in the story. They realised that when the animals went in the water spilled out and when we took the animals out the water went down.

Year 3 are Making Shadows


Class 7 have been investigating how to make a shadow and how to make a shadow change shape. They really enjoyed making shadows longer, smaller, thinner and wider and really impressed me with their explanations!

Bubble Fun!


Today we made bubbles. We performed a simple test and observed how adding an extra ingredient strengthened our bubbles and made them last longer.

Class 5 are Working Scientifically...

Class 5 are working through the experiments and working scientifically section of the curriculum. The children were identifying and classifying animals they would see in their local area.

Year 6 Classification - Spring 2020


Our year children have been learning about classification.  During today's lesson, the children were asked to sort (classify) sweets into their own criteria before moving on to classifying different animals and creatures.  This activity provoked lots of questioning and the children had to work as a team to make a final choice of how they were going to present their findings.  Well done Year 6!