Ightenhill Primary School

To be the best that we can be.



The Governing Body have legal duties, powers and responsibilities and offer support and challenge to the Headteacher who is responsible for the day to day management and strategic vision of the school.  


Governors have a responsibility to ensure the school are effectively meeting their responsibilities in terms of safeguarding pupils. All governors have read and understand the relevant sections of KCSIE 2022 and are aware of their responsibilities in relation to this.


The full Governing Body meets once every term.  It consists of representatives from the local community, parents of children attending the school, the Headteacher and school staff.  

The Governing Body (updated 31 01 24)


Mrs Mechelle Lewis  -  Chair of Governors / Co-opted Governor
Mrs Jean Stuttard  - Community Governor
Mrs Julie Naylor -  Co-opted Governor
Mr Craig Atherton  -  Vice-chair of Governors / Co-opted Governor
Mr Sean Crosier  -  Headteacher
Mrs Kathryn Dunderdale  -  Staff Governor
Miss Janet Egar  -  Co-opted Governor
Mr Nigel Battersby  -  Community Governor
Mr Declan Ryan - Co-opted Governor

Mrs Caroline Yabantu - Parent Governor

Mrs Kirsten Knight - Parent Governor

Mrs Amy Lund - Co-opted Governor


Committee structure


We have two main Governors committees :

  • Standards and Effectiveness - Chair of committee : Mr N Battersby
  • Resources - Chair of committee : Mrs J Egar


Information about Governance - including appointment dates


Detailed information about governance including appointment dates and terms of office can be found on this link :

Ightenhill governance details


Meeting dates 2023-2024 :



Resources Committee


03 10 23


Standards & Effectiveness Committee


26 09 23


Full Governing Body Meeting


14 11 23



Resources Committee

Tue23 01 24


Standards & Effectiveness Committee


06 02 24


Full Governing Body Meeting


12 03 24



Resources Committee


30 04 24


Standards & Effectiveness Committee


23 04 24


Full Governing Body Meeting


11 06 24




Governor Pen Portraits


Mechelle Lewis (Chair of Governors)

I first became a staff governor at Ightenhill Primary School where I had been employed as the Schools Inclusion Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead since 2011. Over the years, I have built strong relationships with the children and families of Ightenhill, along with staff and governors, and have a good working knowledge of the wider aims and ambitions of the school. My passion has always been to ensure all children feel included, safe, able to learn and to become the best version of themselves.

I left Ightenhill in February 2022 to take up a senior safeguarding role within Lancashire County Council but remained on the governing body, as a co-opted governor with responsibility for safeguarding as I wished to still be part of Ightenhill's future.

It is with great pleasure that I now take on the role of Chair of Governors, as of November 2022. In this position, I will offer support, guidance and challenge where necessary, ensuring children continue to leave Ightenhill with a pride in what they have achieved and a sense of aspiration for the future.


Sean Crosier (Headteacher)

I have been a teacher in the North West of England since 1992 working in Bolton, Manchester, Accrington, Bury and Burnley.


Ightenhill is my third Headship and I joined the school in January 2021 during a period of uncertainty caused by a global pandemic. I aim to lead the school sensitively and optimistically forward as we start to face the future together.


I am passionate about value led school communities and this will be at the centre of my leadership at Ightenhill. I believe that our core purpose is to enable all of our students, regardless of background, to have the opportunity to succeed in school and with the key skills and mindset to achieve their potential in life.


Jean Stuttard (co-opted Governor)

Jean is an experienced governor and has substantial experience on the Ightenhill governing body serving as Chair of Governor for many years. Jean is passionate about her role as governor and has maintained family connections with the school through her grandchildren.


Craig Atherton (co-opted Governor)

I first became involved with Ightenhill Governing Body approximately ten years ago when my two children attended the school.  They have both left Ightenhill and I am still here!


I am a co-opted governor and a member of the curriculum committee - I am also involved with Health & Safety.  I am the link governor for PSHE and E-safety; I attend all meetings.


I have lived in the area for 21 years and work for a local aerospace company. In my free time I enjoy walking, cycling, caravaning and spending time with my family.


Janet Egar (Community Governor)

Having taught at Ightenhill, formerly Lionel Street School, for 38 years I was delighted to be asked to become a school-governor after retirement.


I feel that I have a good knowledge of the school, its staff and pupils and wanted to continue my involvement and support in a role other than as a teacher.  I try to attend all meetings and have particularly enjoyed coming into school to observe areas of curriculum work during governor 'walk-rounds'.


The headteacher and staff work hard to give all pupils a chance to achieve their very best and as a governor, I am happy to support and encourage everyone at Ightenhill Primary School.


Nigel Battersby (Community Governor)

I am a Solicitor by profession and have been a Governor at Ightenhill School for over 25 years. I started as a parent governor as my two sons attended the school at the time. My wife also taught at the school for many years.


Prior to becoming a Governor, I had previously been involved with the Home School Association that I chaired for a while and already obtained some background knowledge of the School. I thought that I may be able to contribute something useful that might be of benefit to the School by becoming a Governor.


I am now designated as a Community Governor and for a number of years have acted as the Chair of the Curriculum Committee and take a particular interest in matters relating to the curriculum aspects of the School Development Plan.


Kirsten Knight

I first became involved in school governance in 2016 for a local nursery school as a parent governor whilst my children attended there. As my children moved on to Ightenhill Primary School, it seemed like a natural progression to become a parent governor here also. I remain as a co-opted governor for the nursery school and therefore have good links and knowledge of both settings, and particularly about the EYFS curriculum, which is why I am both a link governor for both schools and the EYFS nominated governor for Ightenhill Primary School.


I am a small business owner working in a specialist health and safety discipline, which I have been doing for over 17 years. I have an educational background in science, so am also one of the health & safety governors and the science nominated governor. I attend all meetings when I possibly can and love to visit and support the school as part of our nominated governor roles.


I currently have two children at Ightenhill and understand the hard work and efforts that all the staff and governors commit to the school. To be able to serve the local community as a school governor is my absolute pleasure!


Julie Naylor (Co-opted Governor)

Julie joined our Governing Body in November 2022.


Julie is a teacher with significant experience of working in both the mainstream sector and in the special school sector. Julie is currently an Assistant Headteacher in a local Secondary Special School.


Caroline Yabantu (Parent Governor)

Caroline is an experienced educational practitioner with a passion for Literacy.


Caroline currently works as a teaching and learning consultant for the Lancashire Literacy Team.


Kathryn Dunderdale (Staff Governor)

Kathryn is the Deputy Headteacher at Ightenhill and is a key member of the school leadership team.


Kathryn is the assessment leader for the school and is also our pupil premium champion.



Please see below documentation for committee structure, declaration of interest and attendance register

Instrument Of Governance

Committee Structure

Declaration of Interest 2022-2023 (Updated February 2023)


Our Governors have made the following declarations in relation to their business interests.

There are currently no declarations of business interest recorded. 


Governors are also asked to declare any potential conflicts of interest arising from any matter or agenda item discussed by the Governing Body and its Committees at each meeting and this is formally recorded.


The following declarations have been made by individual Governors:

  • Mr C Atherton's wife is employed as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant at Ightenhill


Governance roles in other educational institutions.

  • Mrs K Knight is also a Governor at Ightenhill Nursery School