Ightenhill Primary School

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Historical Artefact Table

Exploring artefacts. 

At Ightenhill, we have an artefact table where children are encouraged to think like an historian. Using their reflective thinking skills, children are encouraged to think about the following questions: What the object could be?

What it might be used for?

Where it was found?

When was it used? 


There has been a hive of activity at the table this week. 

History in Action!

Year 1 - Constructing Modes of Transport

Year 5 - Olympics 

As part of our Olympic topic the year 5 children choose an Olympian from the past to create using clay. They then used this model to create a presentation for the rest of the class about their chosen athlete. 

Red, White and Blue Day


Red, White and Blue Day was enjoyed by all the children at Ightenhill. Activities were organised to celebrate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme and the Battle of Jutland. Here are some pictures of the children in class three and four, who were making paper boats.