Ightenhill Primary School

To be the best that we can be.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Crosier - Headteacher

Mrs K Dunderdale - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L Baron - Assistant Headteacher and KS2 Leader

Miss C Sutcliffe - Assistant Headteacher and KS1/EYFS Leader


Administration Team

Miss D Worthington - School Business Manager

Miss L Gardner - School Business Support


Class Teachers (from September 2021)

Mrs L Baron - Class 15 (Year 6)

Mrs S Pearson - Class 14 (Year 6)    TLR - Science

Miss M Embley - Class 12 (Year 5)

Mrs E Jackson (maternity cover) Class 11 (Year 5) 

Miss L Atkin - Class 10 (Year 4)

Mr M Farrar - Class 9 (Year 4)

Miss A Slater - Class 8 (Year 3)

Mrs C Reynolds - Class 7 (Year 3)

Mrs A Howard - Class 6 (Year 2)

Miss K Jackson - Class 5 (Year 2)

Mrs S Holden - Class 4 (Year 1)

Mrs J Taylor - Class 3 (Year 1)

Mr D Ryan -  (EYFS)

Miss K Baird -  (EYFS)


Mrs S Woodcock (French and EAL support)

Mrs A Wilkinson - TLR - Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCO)

Mrs E Jones (currently on maternity leave)  TLR - PE


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Atherton

Mrs C Stowell

Miss H Astin


Teaching Assistants

Mrs F Duckworth

Mrs J Orr

Mrs J Green

Mrs G Greenwood

Mrs L Hacking

Mrs D Hancock

Mrs S Hudson

Mrs J Spencer

Mrs A Tomlinson

Mrs M Tomlinson

Mrs E Wimbles

Miss A Scholes

Mr W Burrows

Mrs A Wilkinson

Miss E Whittaker (apprentice)

Miss L French

Miss I Atkinson (apprentice)


Inclusion Team

Mrs E Brown  - Inclusion Manager and DSL

Mrs A Duckworth - Inclusion Administrator

Mrs E Wareing - Learning Mentor

Mrs K Walton - Learning Mentor

Mrs J Thompson - Family Engagement & Attendance Manager


Lunchtime Team

Mrs J Orr

Mrs H Mackey

Mrs W Buck

Mrs D Hancock

Mrs S Hudson

Mrs E Parker

Mrs J Green

Mrs R Miskelly

Miss L French

Mrs G Greenwood


Breakfast Club Team

Mrs J Thompson (Manager)

Mrs J Spencer

Mr W Burrows


After School Club Team

Mrs A Tomlinson - Manager

Mrs D Hancock


Site Supervisor

Mr C Byrne



Mrs K Allen

Mrs E Parker

Mrs J Rush

Mrs W Buck


Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Ellison

Mrs J Rush

Miss C Hamer

Mrs L Milner