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Class 11


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                                                                          Welcome to Class 11

                                                                                      Class Teacher - Mrs Jones 




                                                             Class 11 have been incredibly busy on Purple Mash

     From left to right: Brooke, Indy, Cora-Mae, Cole and Harley


*Important Updates week commencing 6th July*


  • Message from Mrs Jones and Miss Astin
  • Attempt the Stay at Home Heroes challenges (see PE and Healthy Lifestyles link)
  • New week 9 'Stay at Home PE Programme' (see PE and Healthy lifestyles link)
  • This week's quiz is on continents.
  • TTRockstars battle continues (the boys are currently in the lead).
  • Midnight Gang update (see class read).








Please take note of the choice of flag parents.

Class 11 are secret Wales fans! wink

1st June message from Mrs Jones and Miss Astin

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Half-term Fun!

Message from Mrs Jones and Miss Astin

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Mrs Jones's Kick Up Challenge

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As promised, I have attempted (several times may I add) the kick up challenge. Mr Jones is fed up of me kicking toilet rolls around the house now - it makes a change from bouncing the netball out in the garden though! I honestly couldn't manage more than 2 so my final score was a real surprise. Good luck!

We get up to lots of exciting activities in school and we like sharing our work with you.

 Below are lots of pictures showing you what we have been up to throughout the year.


During our RE day, year five looked at different values and beliefs in Christianity. Class 11 learnt about the different branches in Christianity (denominations) and compared acts of worship. Further to our discussions, we noted down our personal beliefs and shared them with each other.


Year 5 have had a busy few weeks learning new dance routines with our coach from Sandersons. We’re hoping to showcase some of these routines to Mrs Stowell and ‘wow’ her with our moves.


Mrs Jones's English group played a game of Pok-a-Tok (Maya ball game) before writing a set of instructions. They certainly had lots of fun playing, but came to the conclusion that the game was extremely difficult - the instructions would need to be clear and detailed. The final written outcome was fantastic and the children were very proud of their leaflets. 


Children in class 11 are now being challenged to deliver a class warm-up, including; static stretches, dynamic stretches and group led skills. It's been lovely to see so many getting involved and their confidence growing. Alongside learning new vocabulary for PE, we have learnt how to work effectively in teams and apply attacking and defending skills in games.  


During our PE lessons, we have been working in different teams with our friends. The problem-based learning has allowed us to communicate with others and work with different people. We’ve really enjoyed the challenges over the past four weeks.



During ICT, we have been learning new vocabulary including the words output, program and objects. We have been designing our own story through the events, output and actions that our objects complete. We’ve had lots of fun working in partners and individually. We enjoyed sharing and presenting our stories to each other in class.

Gymnastics with Olympic Gymnast, Craig Heap


We had a fantastic assembly with Olympic and Commonwealth gymnast, Craig Heap. He was full of energy and enthusiasm, and inspired our children to follow their dreams and be the best that they can be. Following assembly, the children were given the chance to take part in a workshop of gymnastic skills.