Ightenhill Primary School

To be the best that we can be.



At Ightenhill, there are many opportunities for our pupils to use technology to solve problems and produce creative outcomes. Computing is taught in EYFS through continuous provision. The children have access to laptops and ipads which gives children the opportunity to play and explore, participate in active learning and create and think critically. 



Throughout the year, our classroom contains role play areas with a range of technology, both functioning and model / broken devices, or a variety of electronic toys, such as remote controlled cars, walkie-talkies and light boxes and digital cameras as part of continuous provision which helps them to understand the technologically diverse world that we live in. Many children entering Early Years settings are already familiar with tablet devices, although their ability to use a keyboard and mouse is often limited. It is therefore important that children are given opportunities to become familiar with a range of input devices, including the keyboard and mouse, in order to develop the required fine motor skills and prepare them for Year 1.



On their devices, the children have access Mini Mash and Purple Mash to learn about the technologically diverse world and to allow the children to have regular opportunities to engage with the arts, enabling them to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials.

Technological activities linked to the EYFS LTP