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PE Challenges

PE Challenges

Can you complete one of our PE challenges? They will certainly get your heart beat racing! 

If you manage to do it, please email me with a picture or video on so I can share your amazing work on this page!

The Spar Lancashire School Games

The Spar Lancashire School Games are hosting a virtual sports festival on the 30th June. This can be accessed at home so it would be great to get as many of you on board as possible.


The festival celebrates personal bests so there is still an element of competition and the activities are your typical sports day events.


There is a nice score card for them to record their personal bests on and if they have any pictures, videos or scores they wish to share with us, then please email myself ( or email Mrs Jones at


Click the link to get involved:


Timetable for the day 

10am – Celebration Video – see if you can spot anyone from your school that have taken part in our challenges over the past few months

10:15am – Celebration Dance – have a go at our dance which is made up of all of the sports in the Lancashire School Games

10:30-2:30pm – Spar Lancashire Personal Best Sports Day – take a look at all of the activities below, have a go and record your scores, see if you can improve and achieve your personal best and challenge your family members to have a go too.


Over arm throwing activity

Let's learn a new skill!

The aim is to develop the skill of distance and accuracy when overarm throwing.


Task 1: Complete the below activity seeing how far you can throw an item with your dominant hand.

Task 2: Complete it again but try with your other hand


Practice makes perfect – play the following game with a parent, carer or sibling


Here is a link that demonstrates how to do it.


Let's get moving!

The recommended amount of physical activity for children aged 5-18 is 60 minutes a day. 


Here is a week lot of fun activities. The link of each days activity is below. 


A lot of this weeks challenges involve using youtube. Stay safe if you are going on Youtube and make sure your grown up knows what you are doing. 


Mini Fitness Challenges

Outdoor fitness challenge