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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!


Class teacher - Miss Marney



Hello Class 6!

It seems like a very long time since I have seen you all and I am missing you all a lot. 

I thought I would tell you all a bit about what I have been doing, so here goes!

I really wanted to have some brownie but I didn't want all of the sugar, so I made them with sweet potato. I know what you're thinking: "who puts sweet potato in chocolate brownie? Miss Marney must have gone mad!" I am pleased to tell you that they were in fact the best brownies I have ever made and I thoroughly recommend you try them! I might have eaten the whole tray to myself!

I have spent a lot of time in my garden too. I have planted wild flowers and vegetables. All are starting to sprout and I am very excited! All that time in the sun and me not being sun safe, has meant that I got a little bit sunburned (ouch). I do not want this to happen to you so here is a link, so you can be a sun expert. You might even be able to teach me a thing or two! 

I have also been replying to all of your wonderful work on purple mash. It's been lovely to talk to some of you! Remember to get in touch:

So next time I see you, I hope I don't look like a sun burned sweet potato brownie!

Stay safe (in the sun),

Miss Marney smiley

Can we break a world record?

Rob Biddulph is a famed author and illustrator of children's books. 


You may know him from his #DrawWithRob lessons that have gone viral across families during lockdown (and shared by BBC and CBS). Or you may know him from one of his books like Odd Dog Out.


On 21st May, Rob will teach the world a 30 minute art lesson where we learn to draw a much loved character. 


To beat the Guinness World Records title for largest online art lesson at least 10,000 people need to tune in to draw with Rob for a full 30 minutes on 21st May at 4PM BST |  8AM PST.


Use this link to get involved with the live lesson


If you want to take part but can't do the live lesson, here is one of his videos for you to have a go at


We miss you all KS1

Learning from home: 

In these very strange times, remember you can still get in touch with me via email. I can try my best to help with any of your home learning work.

Below there are some links. In these will be messages from me, the home learning packs, activities you can try at home and a page just to celebrate all of your work. Make sure you send in some of your work so we can share it here!

I miss you very much!

Miss Marney smiley

We are Class 6. Together we make memories!

We are Class 6. Together we make memories! 1

We made our own pivot pictures!

We are all very proud of our independent creations! With lots of perseverance we managed to create these wonderful images. 

Our first attempt at making pivots.

We made ourselves out of paper. We were even able to move! We found the split pins really easy to poke through using blue tac. We are all very proud of ourselves!

How heavy is the Queens crown?

Did you know that the Queens crown has a mass of about 1kg? We did! We didn't know what this would feel like on our heads, so we found a book and balanced it. The Queen must have a really strong neck!

Science show


Lights, Camel, Action: The Nativity Play

We had so much fun performing our Nativity play. Did ya kick it? We think we did! We booed, we cheered and we danced in all the right places. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

RE Day 2: Islam


Today we learnt about the processes a Muslim goes through when they go to pray. We even had a go! It was very interesting.

Children in Need 2019

For children in need this year, we dressed in our Pyjamas to raise lots of money. 

15/11/19 We made skipping ropes!

As part of our recycling topic, we made skipping ropes using our old plastic shopping bags. We had lots of fun using them outside and in our play times all while saving the planet!

12/11/2019 Safety Seymour came to visit!

12/11/19 Safety Seymour came to tell us all about the dangers of carbon monoxide. We learnt all about the good (blue) flames and the bad (red) flames. We drew  pictures and even got to take an alarm home too!

Green words for timing practice.

16/10/19 What colours is black made of?

16/10/19 Today we found out what colours are inside the colour black. We placed the colour black in water and watched it spread. Did you know that black is made up of every colour?

9/10/19 Today the police came to visit. They let us sit in their car and put the siren on for us to hear! They then came inside to talk to us. They gave us lots of information and answered all of our questions! We even got to try some of their uniform - it's very heavy!

25/09/19 Greasy Joe's Cafe!

25/09/19 Today we helped Greasy Joe find the best paper towel for his cafe! We used all our mathematical skills to measure the distance the water travelled. We then decided which paper towel absorbed the most. 

04/09/2019 We made parachutes to keep our person safe! Look at our creations!

We made parachutes to keep our little people safe! We had to work together as a team and use our scientific skill of exploration to work out which design was best. We were very proud of our creations!

Look at our maths!

We have been consolidating our maths knowledge today. We have used our tens and ones and a giant part-part-whole model to help us add and subtract different numbers. It is not always easy but we keep going!