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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!


Class teacher - Miss Marney



We are Class 6. Together we make memories!

We are Class 6. Together we make memories! 1

12/11/2019 Safety Seymour came to visit!

12/11/19 Safety Seymour came to tell us all about the dangers of carbon monoxide. We learnt all about the good (blue) flames and the bad (red) flames. We drew  pictures and even got to take an alarm home too!

Green words for timing practice.

16/10/19 What colours is black made of?

16/10/19 Today we found out what colours are inside the colour black. We placed the colour black in water and watched it spread. Did you know that black is made up of every colour?

9/10/19 Today the police came to visit. They let us sit in their car and put the siren on for us to hear! They then came inside to talk to us. They gave us lots of information and answered all of our questions! We even got to try some of their uniform - it's very heavy!

25/09/19 Greasy Joe's Cafe!

25/09/19 Today we helped Greasy Joe find the best paper towel for his cafe! We used all our mathematical skills to measure the distance the water travelled. We then decided which paper towel absorbed the most. 

04/09/2019 We made parachutes to keep our person safe! Look at our creations!

We made parachutes to keep our little people safe! We had to work together as a team and use our scientific skill of exploration to work out which design was best. We were very proud of our creations!