Ightenhill Primary School

To be the best that we can be.



We follow the Read, Write, Inc. scheme. The children get taught a 45 minute phonics session each day. The children learn in small groups set to their ability. They will get assessed each half term to allow them to progress through the scheme.

The order of the scheme colours are: red, green, purple, pink, orange, yellow, blue, grey, literacy



In autumn 1, our literacy lessons are focused around the story 'Meerkat Mail'. The children will:

  • retell the story
  • innovate a story
  • write a postcard
  • discuss the characters feelings
  • learn now vocabulary 
  • write a letter 
  • write a poem



We follow the Red Rose Maths scheme. This autumn 1 term, your child will learn:

  • place value with numbers to 100
  • how to measure length and height
  • adding two digit and one digit numbers
  • subtracting one digit numbers from two digit numbers
  • properties of 2D shapes



Our focus is a History topic. We will learn:

  • about a significant event beyond living memory (Great fire of London)
  • about a significant individual (Samuel Pepys)
  • Children will research by looking at pictures from the past to learn about changes that have been made to the environment



We are learning about materials

  •   to ask simple questions
  • to observe closely

  • to describe materials by their properties
  • to understand which materials work best for certain things and why



We follow the Jigsaw scheme. The children will learn:

  • about responsibility 
  • how to care for others
  • mindfulness



We will learn how to make a mechanism when making fire engines.



We will be using the glockenspiels to play alongside a piece of music.



Our PE day is on a Monday. Please make sure your PE kit is in school.



The children will be learning about Christianity this half term.