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What are we doing in school?

Mental Health Awareness Week

For Mental Health Awareness Week, as the theme is 'nature' Year 4  planted some sunflowers. We found that this linked really well with our school values of responsibility and cooperation.

We are keeping these in school to monitor how they grow and look after them,  hopefully we will have some tall sunflowers by the end of the school year!

Science- food chains

During our Science topic we have been studying different types of animals. This included learning new vocabulary and identifying vertebrates, invertebrates, carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. 


During this lesson, we looked at food chains. The children explored the different diets of animals and organised them by creating their very own food chain.

Measurement and NSPCC Number Day

Here is an outdoor Active Maths lesson on measuring the perimeter of sections of the yard as part of our NSPCC number day.


This linked to our topic on measurement that we have been looking at this week.


At the beginning of the week, we looked at capacity where the children measured different ingredients and worked as a team to decide the best way to do it. They then looked at estimating and comparing different objects and their mass.

Earth Day

Here are some photos from Earth Day.

The children discussed ways of how we can save the planet and they all decided on 3 promises that they are going to do themselves.

This included recycling, reusing plastic bottles and saving water while brush our teeth. 🌍


Our first week back

We have had a busy week this week completing lots of fun activities to settle back into school.


We introduced ourselves to our new Stone Age topic by creating a Stonehenge model from biscuits. We looked at Stone Age houses and had a practice at weaving with different natural materials. We also experienced what is was it was like to be hunter-gatherers.


Throughout the week, we also had a go at lots of active Maths lessons and created our own shapes and Maths games to celebrate World Maths Day.


The children also enjoyed using their imaginations to create some AMAZING descriptive writing pieces based on the Literacy Shed clip 'Once in a Lifetime.' 


These are just some of the exciting things we have been up to this week!

Christmas Week

We have had a fantastic week this week. We began the week with some Christmas crafts, we then watched Jack and the Beanstalk for our Christmas Pantomime. The children then enjoyed getting snuggled up with their blankets for our film night. We also finished off the week with a Christmas party playing Christmas games. 


During our English we had an exciting introduction to our new book Escape from Pompeii. Here, the children made predictions on what we thought was happening on certain pages of the book and made our own theatre masks. 

Remembrance Day


Today the children came in dressed in their Halloween costumes. We made instructions to create a spooky potion, completed some Halloween problem solving and created lots of Halloween related crafts. 


Class 10 finished their topic on Ancient Greece with a mini Olympics. They did short runs, long runs, relays, long jump and javelin.

World Mental Health Day

This week, we have been celebrating Yellow Day. The children came to school dressed in yellow to support the cause. We had lots of discussion about the topic and the children were able to develop an awareness of how to discuss their feelings. The children decorated the corridor with some positive messages to spread the kindness. 


Class 10 have been doing lots of practical lessons to understand place value. During this lesson, they used their place value knowledge to solve some subtraction problems using base 10. I was super impressed as they could also demonstrate how to exchange using the base 10!


During our Art lessons, we have been learning about Ancient Greek pottery. In this lesson, Class 10 were looking at the 'red figure technique' used by the Ancient Greeks to create patterns on their pots using oil pastels and black paint. 


During our art lessons we have been designing and planning to make our own Greek pots out of clay. The children then sculpted patterns that we have been learning into their pots. 


In RE we have been learning about Hinduism and in particular Diwali. During this lesson we learnt that Diwali is the Festival of Light which symbolize victory of light over darkness, good over evil.