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Ightenhill Primary School

"To be the best that we can be"

What are we doing at school?

Locating local habitats

Making Roles on the wall to describe characters

Commas in a list

What is a fossil?

We have had a wonderful day back at school! This afternoon, we were scientists and learnt all about fossils. We even made our own replicas out salt dough.

Learning about the 7 Continents

Children in Need

The children have made a poppy wreath this afternoon. If possible, please can these be displayed in your window at home to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Reading challenge


Creating Worry Monsters

In PSHE, the children have created Worry Monsters. We helped the Monsters with their Worries and now the monsters feel much better. Now the Worry Monsters are here to stay and listen to any of the children's worries. 

Tasting food from Ancient Greece

Planting in PSHE

We have planted some seeds and are going to help them grow! Class 5 have been discussing how our friends, family and teachers help us grow by caring for one another. 

Identifying and classifying

In science, the children have been identifying and classifying animals. They went on a hunt around the yard to look for pictures of animals that they would find in their local area. They then had to categorise the animal using a table.

Working hard in RWI

Class 5 have been finding where capital letters and full stops need to go in sentences.